Stage One: Project Brief

An on-site-visit is scheduled. We will tour the garden together, discussing your ideas and thoughts for your new garden. I will also discuss specific areas of concern such as privacy, safety and maintenance. This helps me create the project brief which summarizes the key elements of the new design. I will also draw a sketch plan and make a photo record of the garden. 

Stage Two: Site Survey

An accurate site survey is essential before the Master Plan can be completed. If the site is of moderate size and not complicated, I will be happy to perform this service for you. However, if the site is large or complex the engaging of a Chartered Land Surveyor will be recommended.

Stage Three: Design Concept/Master Plan

The Design Concept is an accurate plan view interpretation of the project brief. I will "Walk" you through the design and explain the various features, planting areas and structures of the garden. Changes to the design concept can be made at this stage.

The Master Plan is a detailed, to scale, colour rendered drawing of the project. A planting plan will also be supplied if requested, including the botanical name, quantity and suggested size of all plants, trees and shrubs. Detailed construction drawings of all structures or features will also be provided as necessary.

Any changes made to the plan at this stage will be charged for separately on an hourly basis.

Rear Garden, Berkshire UK
London Garden
Courtyard Garden, UK